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'Certain Conditions'

Between 2000 and 2002, Sam Fleming Developed links with a number of New York based artists including Lynda Dennis, a painter and independent curator.  They curated an exhibition of the work of  Belfast and new York visual artists.  The show entitled 'Certain Conditions' , took place in March 2003 at the Belfast Waterfront Hall. It featured the work of painters, sculptors and performance/video artists from Belfast, New York and London.

'This is a project driven by those involved. It is not the product of any governmental or cultural programme but the result of engagement between individual artists with a common idea.....'

                                                                                                                         ( Sam Fleming, from the 'Certain Conditions' catalogue )


'Alter California Suite'

During 2002, Sam Fleming was invited to travel to Southern California to meet with a number of other visual artists. Over the following two years he developed these links and in 2005, organised and help coordinate  a multimedia installation by  California artist, Jones Sanchez. 

The installation  entitled   'Alter California Suite' , was created by Jones Sanchez in the chambers below the Lagan River in Belfast and involved the public having to journey along a 200 metre  service tunnel below the river itself. The chambers themselves contained three large video projections accompanied by low frequency sounds. The event was part of the Belfast festival of arts 2005.